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Instant Access To 50 New Intro/Outro Templates


Over 170 new templates in the next 6 months


Templates from new actors


REQUEST custom Green Screen Intros/Outros



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Pixo Membership 6Months

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Get 6 Months of vip template club for:

Pixo Membership 6Months

This means ONLY $11/month!

Keep Your Pixo Blaster Collection Fresh With
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The templates that come with Pixo Blaster (plus the 50 additional intros/outros you’ll receive on this page)
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The 2 new actors that are instantly available in the VIP Template Club won’t be seen anywhere else.

We created the VIP Club just so you can maximize the potential of Pixo Blaster!

You will be able to REQUEST NEW INTROS for your own use
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As I said, you will  get access to the template club archive that already includes over 50 intros and outros from new ACTORS! 

 Get New Actors

 Instantly get 50 new intros/outros

 Request New Intros And Outros each month

 Dedicated Copywriters and Spokespersons 

 Only Available To VIP Club

Check Out Some Intros That You Will Get In The
VIP Template Club:

Facebook Marketing

Warrior Plus

Move Furniture


Laptop Change

Washing Machine

New Home

Legal Matter

And that’s not all! Here is a list of all niches available INSTANTLY after joining the VIP Club:

roofing services, solar panels, mowing services, electrician, house painting, plumbing services, computer repair, appliance repair, guitar lessons, custom furniture, violin lessons, locksmith services, pest control services, furniture moving services, facebook advertising, warrior plus, jvzoo, lawyer, laptops, smartphone business, video camera, pc monitors, audio system, refrigerator, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner…

During This Special Launch You Will Get What Nobody Else Gets… 

We are waiving your 297$ joining fee that we usually ask for.

We are giving you new actors and 50 new templates instantly after purchase

Get 20 new intros in each month, that’s 170 custom intros and outros in the next 6 months!

So are you ready to become a vip template club member!?

Do you want to receive more than 20 new PREMIUM templates each month?

Do you want the ability to request new video intros and outros?

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Our Zero Risk Guarantee

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know you are going to LOVE this offer but in case you think we deliver something else that’s stated here or you receive ZERO value from it (highly unlikely)… I’ll refund 100% of your purchase today, no hassle and no hard feelings.

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Price for 6 months

Pixo Membership 6Months

*Pixo Blaster Is Required For This Upgrade

Yes Vlad, I Understand That The Price Of The VIP Template Club Is Lower Than
The Price I Would Pay For 1 Single Video Outside The Club

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